Senior Minister

Larry Richardson

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Larry and Rita hail from Missouri. Larry has been involved in ministry since 1972, serving 5 full time churches in three states. He earned his Bachelor degree at St. Louis Christian College in 1975 and his Masters degree at Kentucky Christian College in 1991. He has been married to Rita (of St. James, Missouri) since 1980. God has blessed them with three daughters.

Larry and Rita came to Crocker Christian Church in October 2007. They wish to extend to you an invitation to visit and become involved with the Crocker Church family.

Youth Minister

Dustin Moss


Dustin Moss is our youth minister. He and his wife Ashley work with our junior high and high school youth. They have one son, Isaac. Dustin is a graduate of the University of Missouri. He and Ashley are eager to see the youth program grow, and they work diligently to bring young people to the Lord.

Young Adult Minister

Cole Sagstetter


Cole Sagstetter is our Young Adult Minister. He and his wife,Katie have served with the Southern Heights Christian Church in Lebanon and have come to join our church ministry. Cole is originally from Kansas and Katie is a Florida native. Katie is a paraprofessional at an elementary school in Lebanon. She is studying to be a kindergarten teacher. They attended Manhattan Christaian College in Manhattan, Kansas, where Cole's father is a professor. 

Church secretary

Bernard Houlehan

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Bernard has been a member of our church for more than 60 years. He and his wife Diana have 2 daughters, Jennifer Houlehan and Carrie Cox, as well as one grandson, Austin Cox, and one granddaughter, Monica Cox.  Bernard taught in the local school district for more than 28 years. He taught for a total of 45 years before fully retiring from teaching.