May 2, 2017, 9:30 AM

May: New Beginnings

May is a month of new beginnings: our seniors will graduate after 12 or 13 years in our public school system, and they will face the challenges of a different life. We pray for them as they make their plans for the future: college, employment, military service. . .whatever they decide to do, we pray that God guides them through each day, that He is the one to whom they turn when decisions and choices must be made. Our love and prayers go with them, and we trust in the Lord of Creation to lead them as they begin a new chapter in their lives.  We also remember at this time that one of their members, Gideon Jenkins, has completed his walk in this life and has gone to live an eternal life with God. We pray that his family will find comfort in God's promises, and that his classmates will find comort in the memories they have of him, and that they will remember his joyful spirit and fun-filled outlook on life.  We will miss you, Gideon. but we will keep you alive in our memories.  Congratulations, graduates; we know that graduation will now be even more bittersweet, but we will pray for you in the days and years ahead: May your futures be filled with success, with love and with the blessed presence of Jesus Christ, the comforter, protector and Savior.  God bless each of you.