September 12, 2017, 10:17 AM

Seasons of Life

As we look forward to a new season, the season of colorful trees, cooling temperatures and shorter days, we think of the process of death and renewal.  The leaves die and fall from the trees, the grass withers and flowers fade.  As fall progresses into winter, the land appears barren, the trees bare of greenery, and the weather becomes cold.  The Bible tells us that we must die in order to live.  Just as autumn and winter remind us of the death of the 'green seasons", so we remember that God's word says that we must die inwardly in order to live in Christ.  We die to this life to live eternally in the next .  Just as the seasons are times of passing and renewal, so our lives are. We live new lives in Christ, and we are renewed as we live for Him.  As we live for Him, we are made fully alive. And just as fall and winter give way to spring, a time of renewal and rebirth, we, too are renewed and reborn in Him when we are saved through God's grace to live a new life here and in heaven.