April 3, 2018, 10:20 AM

A New Year

This spring (which seems late in coming), we give thanks that God has blessed us with the seasons, each in its turn.  As His created children, we, too, are blessed with the seasons of our lives, and each season brings it own joys and troubles.  When we face difficulties in any season of our lives, we can talk to God and seek His peace.  Jesus promises never to leave us, and His blessed presence and amazing grace comfort us in our afflictions.  In spring, as we see new life spring up around us in nature, we also remember that in Him we have new life, one which brings us hope throughout the seasons of our physical lives.  And, thanks be to God, we also have the hope a new life with Him throughout eternity. How thankful we should be for His love, His grace, and His promises to be with us through every season.